Makeup Artists, Get off the Grind; Create the Career of Your Dreams

Makeup Artists, Get off the Grind; Create the Career of Your Dreams

You can have the career of your dreams. As a former journalist of 15 years, people ask me often if I ever thought I would quit my job to work for myself. Did I really see myself saying goodbye to my newspaper career to become a full time makeup artist and business owner? Did I think I could find happiness and success working for myself? The answer to those questions was yes. It was yes because I made a decision that that was what I wanted and I went after my dream.

I certainly didn’t get to where I am by myself. I have gotten to experience the true power of hands-on instruction when it comes to learning and growing your artistry.

What’s allowed me to transition from my 9-to-5 and truly excel in this industry, to build a successful bridal and event business, to work with celebrities and high profile clients, and to work red carpet events and on national commercials and video productions has been the incredible support and mentors I’ve had to grow my skills and my business.

What if you could do the same? 

What if you were learning the top skills in the trade with other makeup artists?

And..what if you were also taught how to build your business and become a true thriving entrepreneur as a makeup artist?

Bridal Beauty: The Business and the Art class in Richmond, VA. Photo: Kermit Gresham

Bridal Beauty: The Business and the Art class in Richmond, VA. Photo: Kermit Gresham

For several years, I have had a vision, another dream. A dream that at times made me question if I could really do it. I shared it with my makeup mentors and close artist friends and they all said I should do it. That I would be good at it. It is something that I am passionate about and is now finally coming true so I want to officially share it.

So what’s this all about?

It’s about the launch of Shauné Hayes Makeup + Hair Artists Beauty and Business Education program for makeup artists who really want to become thriving entrepreneurs.

Our first class of the program is a relaunch of “Bridal Beauty: The Business and the Art” which we had over one day in Richmond, VA. One day was not near enough to cover all the content, so I’m excited for Bridal Beauty and Business Bootcamp, Sept. 24th-26th in Alexandria, VA.

In this 3-Day Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create flawless foundation for brides and any client

  • Perfect the smokey eye which is the most requested look and looks good on everyone

  • Apply strip and individual lashes and customize them for a glamorous effect.

  • Identify your ideal client and grow your business as a makeup artist entrepreneur.

  • Market your business, set rates and strengthen your contract

  • Protect yourself and your business
  • Design wedding day looks and conduct successful consultations and so much more.


Bridal Beauty and Business Bootcamp will be more than a look and learn class. You won’t just watch me show you the skills and tell you the techniques that have helped me run a successful makeup business full time for over 4 years. You will practice them each day through practical time and interactive exercises.

Additionally, I am also launching a mentoring program for makeup artists. Let’s be real: I have never attended a makeup event or class that gave me all the tools I needed to actually grow and build my makeup business. My mentors have been the other part of my growth and success. They have helped me navigate my career and business and held me accountable to my goals, while helping me design my dreams and go after them.

This mentoring program will also give me the opportunity to work with the many aspiring makeup artists who have reached out before looking to do some type of apprenticeship or assisting. Time didn’t allow me do this then, so I’m excited to finally have something tangible to help our artist community.

So there you have it. My big news that I’m excited about. If you know a makeup artist who really wants to take their career and artistry to new heights, feel free to share.

Space is limited for the bootcamp because it will be intensive. Register here or schedule a call with me to learn more about it or the mentoring program.

Yours in beauty and business,



About Shauné Hayes

Shauné Hayes is a makeup artist, mentor, and educator. With 14+ years in the beauty industry, she has perfected the art of delivering red carpet-ready makeup with white glove service that meets her clients’ unique needs. Whether she’s working with celebrities, brides, models, politicians, artists, brand or media personalities, she helps them put their best face forward. As a mentor to makeup artists, Shauné teaches fellow artists how to up their glam game and master the art of running a beauty business. Through her Bridal Beauty and Business Academy, she offers classes, workshops, group coaching, and one-on-one mentoring programs for beauty professionals. Blended Beauté is a written and visual beauty blog that follows her life as a full-time makeup artist living her dream. Follow her on Instagram for daily goings-on: @shaunehayesmakeup; Facebook (Shauné Hayes Makeup Artist); or Twitter @shaunehayesmua View more of her work and complete resume at

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