Heart Talk with Shauné Hayes: New video series for entrepreneurs

Heart Talk with Shauné Hayes: New video series for entrepreneurs

I started a video series several months ago for entrepreneurs because I wanted to have honest, candid and transparent conversation about what it’s really like to own your own business. The ups and downs, wins and losses, peaceful and sleepless nights, tears of joy and pain and everything in between. I left my journalism career 6 1/2 years ago to do my makeup business full time and I had to figure out a lot on my own. I made plenty of missteps, and I know I could have benefitted from and avoided some setbacks if other entrepreneurs had been willing to share the real deal.

Our perfectly curated feeds or highlight reels on social media often tell the “feel-good” part of our journey but this is what makes Heart Talk different because it’s about being transparent about the entire journey.

The latest episode is live on Youtube and it’s called “The middle test.”

This was the name of a business advice column I read recently from Jess Levin, founder and CEO of one of my favorite wedding lifestyle websites “Carats & Cake.”

If you have ever started a business, a workout routine, eating plan, new job or whatever the case, I’m sure you would agree that beginnings are hard. But the newness and excitement of beginning something new often keeps you going.

What happens when the newness wears off and you find yourself in the middle? That is when the true test came for me as a business owner and I talk about this further in the latest Heart Talk.

How do you navigate the middle to get to the other side? Find out how I got through my middle and consider subscribing to my new Youtube channel to watch past episodes and so you don’t miss future ones.

About Shauné Hayes

Shauné Hayes is a makeup artist, mentor, and educator. With 14+ years in the beauty industry, she has perfected the art of delivering red carpet-ready makeup with white glove service that meets her clients’ unique needs. Whether she’s working with celebrities, brides, models, politicians, artists, brand or media personalities, she helps them put their best face forward. As a mentor to makeup artists, Shauné teaches fellow artists how to up their glam game and master the art of running a beauty business. Through her Bridal Beauty and Business Academy, she offers classes, workshops, group coaching, and one-on-one mentoring programs for beauty professionals. Blended Beauté is a written and visual beauty blog that follows her life as a full-time makeup artist living her dream. Follow her on Instagram for daily goings-on: @shaunehayesmakeup; Facebook (Shauné Hayes Makeup Artist); or Twitter @shaunehayesmua View more of her work and complete resume at ShauneHayesMakeup.com

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